36+ Signature Training Winning Edge Workouts

Trying to follow someone else’s training schedule(s), techniques or exercises can be a grave error in some cases. If you are fairly new to bodybuilding, it is very easy to make this mistake. Just because the vigilante champion bodybuilders of today uses a particular punishing type of training protocol successfully does not automatically mean you will make similar gains following those routines set for set.

As a matter of fact, many of these champions’ mega pro routines, techniques and exercises may not be suitable for your present condition, ultimate potential, or body type. As a result you may even lose muscle size on these routines.

The best approach, of course, is to learn from these top bodybuilders, picking up a tip here and there and trying to incorporate into your own schedule the exercises that appeal to you most. Always remember that you must do this only within your present fitness level and recuperative ability

For decades the bodybuilding magazines have solicited endorsements from top champions for various equipment, supplements, programs, and courses and made outlandish claims guaranteeing speedy increases in muscular size and strength

As a result of these endorsements, countless thousands have attempted routines of the top bodybuilding amateurs and pros without realizing that these men and women, for the most part, have spend years of regular training to reach their present level of tolerance for lengthy, high-intensity workouts

Generally speaking, most of the top bodybuilding champions seem to be blessed, due to heredity, with a better skeletal structure consisting of wide clavicles, narrow hips, and good muscle shape.


The training program 46 days to Brutal Mass should be followed applying maximum intensity. Even though at first it will be difficult to increase weight, you should stride to handle heavier poundage’s week in week out.

Intensity can be applied in many ways. One form of intensity that cannot be compromised in this program is maximum muscle contraction. To obtain maximum muscle contraction, one must force the brain through the nervous system to produce as much power as is humanly possible through each rep of the exercise being performed.

The way this is accomplished, is by accelerating the weight being used with the outmost power that your body can produce through space in each and every rep. What that means in more general terms is, you don’t coast with the weight once you get pass the sticking point.

You continue to apply maximum force through every rep and set, and the only way to do that is by pushing the weight as fast as you can through gravity. The other part of intensity that cannot be sacrificed is going short of failure. Every set must be done to complete muscular failure, and there are no exceptions, except if you are dead

If you must, some exercises can be changed, such as Incline Barbell Bench Press for the Flat Barbell Bench Press. However, by no means should you change any basic movement for some machine. The whole idea in making the body grow is not to make it feel comfortable; the body needs a constant change of stimulation and that means being uncomfortable

The myth behind recuperation is that the muscle should not be trained if it is still sore, that is the biggest lie that has ever been sold to body builders. Not allowing the body to adapt, forces change and causes the body to continue to grow. Once the body has learned to deal with the stress it stops growing, so soreness is not a bad thing.

On the other hand, don’t do so many sets that the body is unable to recuperate and grow. That is why, with the system it is very important to pay close attention to the rest periods so as to tax different energy sources and resume growth. It is important 8 to carry a stop watch, in order not to take longer rest periods then that of which is being recommended to you

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