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Explore Colorful St. Pete: Walking Street Art Tour

St. Pete is well-known for its unique and beautiful street art. You can find it all over the city. These murals, which are painted by local artists, are a stunning sight to behold. You can sign up for guided tours, but it’s just as simple to make your own walking tour. Check out these murals of St Pete in the Central Arts District for your next date.

You can see the favorites of the St. Petersburg residents and learn more about the vibrant city.


Address: 501 Central Ave., St. Petersburg FL 33701

Time to Think is St. Pete’s largest mural and attracts couples every day. Sebastian Coolidge and Derek Donnelly created this unique painting in 2014. This mural is located behind the Florida CraftArt Building, in the Central Arts District. It represents large corporations that incorporate community creativity.

The picture below shows a small portion of the mural. However, it is best to see it in person.


Address: 628 1st Ave N St. Petersburg FL 33701

Ricky Watts, a well-known graffiti artist, created this mural at the 2015 SHINE Mural Fest. You can find his pieces all over the country and St. Pete is fortunate to have one of them.

Space Rainbow’s vibrant colors and unique shapes are a testament to his passion for the piece. This piece can also be found in the Central Arts district. It is painted against the Sage Building.

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Address: 719 Central Ave., St. Petersburg FL 33701

This mural is a popular spot for friends and couples to take pictures. St. Pete loves the Sunshine State with a simple “You Are My Sunshine”, painted on a Central Avenue Building.

This project was created by Jeffrey Sincich, Josh Stover, and is a collaboration of two artists.

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Address: 648 1st Ave N St. Petersburg FL 33701

Twiggy’s mural is more feminine than many other bolder ones in the area. Chad Mize, the artist, wanted to shine a light on a legend, and he does so in this amazing piece of art.

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This mural is a must-see on any walking tour, regardless of whether you or your loved one are familiar with Twiggy. It is conveniently located in the Central Arts District.


Address: 648 1st Ave N St. Petersburg FL 33701

MR SUN, another favorite local spot, is located right next to the Twiggy Mural, also designed by Chad Mize. Original design of a smiling sun wearing sunglasses was in the 1940’s to promote St. Petersburg. Mize chose to honor this idea by painting a beautiful mural that is viewed every year by thousands of couples.

The combination of the Twiggy and MR SUN murals makes for a wonderful photo opportunity.


Address: 687 1st Ave N St. Petersburg FL 33701

Snake Woman, just like it sounds, is an amazing piece that represents a powerful snake and a beautiful woman. This mural is a treat for the eyes with bright oranges and blues paired with dark blacks or greys. It is difficult to miss the many activities in this mural.

Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design teamed up with Tes ONE for this iconic piece at the St. Pete State Theatre. Snake Woman is a must-see on any walking street art tour you take with your partner.


Address: 648 Central Ave., St. Petersburg FL 33701

Faces was created in Summer 2014. It represents a whole series of individual faces. BASK created this piece to help put things in perspective. This piece reminds couples to accept their differences but also to remember that we all have more in common than we may realize.

Faces can be found on the east wall at the Foolish Pride Tattoo Shop. It is one of the most inspirational pieces on the block.


Address: 689 1st Ave N St. Petersburg FL 33701

The last but not the least, The St. Pete Mural was created by Matt Callahan of Man Made Murals and Angela Delaplane from Delaphane Studios in 2015 for SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Fest. This mural spells out St. Petersburg, uses fun colors and eye-catching designs and is a must for couples.

This article is a shout-out to the amazing city that we call home.

This is a great list of the most famous street art murals in the city. However, there are more than 50 if you or your loved one are interested in walking.

Street art walkers, have fun!

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