Going to Rehab with Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

Before now, addiction was treated as a life choice. Most people saw it as a habit that got out of control. Addiction is not restricted to only alcohol and drug; people can be addicted to a number of things such as sex, gambling, the internet, and games. However, addiction to drugs and alcohol tops the chart and with the growing number of people in that category, it is now considered a disease.

Addiction, as a disease, should be given the same attention and treated as any other disease. It can be terminal and debilitating, as countless users have died from substance abuse. The rise in the abuse of drugs and alcohol has necessitated the establishment of various rehabilitation and recovery centers all over the United States. But like other diseases that require extensive medical care, addiction treatment does not come cheap.

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Prior to this time, health insurance did not exactly cover such treatment but the times have changed. Insurance companies now offer coverage for rehab programs, and rehab facilities work with many providers to make payment easier for all categories of people. There are even insurance providers, such as the Optima Health rehab coverage plan, that offer special plans specifically channeled toward addiction treatment. In some cases, you find rehab centers that are free of charge or that have subsidized costs. These are usually funded by the government for such people without any insurance.

Insurance Types that Cover Addiction Rehab

Most private insurance companies offer coverage for addiction treatment. It has not always been so, but the Affordable Care Act changed the game. Now, every insurance carrier must provide some sort of coverage for rehab. They may not pay for everything, but they reduce the financial weight on individuals who need help.

State-financed insurance also covers addiction treatment, and so does Medicaid or Medicare. Visit to learn more about Medicare and addiction treatment. Even military insurance now offers support for such treatments, and disability insurance does the same. However, you must consult with your insurance agent to determine what your policy can cover since most do not cover the entire treatment. Then, you know how much to pay out of pocket.

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Understanding the Cost of Rehab

To put the average cost of rehab into perspective, you must understand how a typical one runs. There are several aspects to the daily operations of such a facility and when combined, each one brings its operating costs to the table. These costs make up the overall price of rehab.

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However, centers have varying programs and even special ones on offer for different individuals. What works for one addiction patient may not be so effective for the next. In some cases, these centers have to tailor programs to meet the special needs of patients, especially if such a person is a celebrity or has a severe addiction case.Watch Bollywood and Hollywood Full Movies iBomma

While it is easy for some individuals to cover the cost of the programs without getting financial aid, not everyone can afford that. Some centers charge as much as $60,000 for an inpatient intensive program, but it depends on the length of stay. Others charge less, between $5,000 and $25,000. A few facilities charge as high as $80,000.

Outpatient patients cost less than inpatient programs, between $5,000 and $10,000. The reason is obvious; an outpatient only visits, so they do not use the amenities in the facility as much as an inpatient. They also do not need as much care and attention as an inpatient. Detox costs even less than an outpatient program, between $1,000 and $1,500 in most cases, but you may find those that only need medication spending much more than those in detox. Some may need medication that cost more than $4,000 a year.

Nevertheless, most outpatient and inpatient programs require both detoxification and medication. For example, someone who is dependent on opioids or alcohol generally needs medication, whether they are inpatient or outpatient. The specific needs within each program accumulate to affect the overall cost of each program and rehab facility.
Other Factors

Apart from the type of treatment program, a few other factors contribute to the cost of rehab. One of them is the location of the center. Going to one in an expensive neighborhood means spending more money. You may request a magnificent view and such luxuries do not come cheap.

Another cost determinant is the amenities that come with each facility. Some are decent and have the basic amenities, but others have extras that make life comfortable for their patients. There are rehabs with swimming pools, tennis courts, and that offer acupuncture and massage options. They may also offer fine dining, which tends to be expensive. A few other things are available on-demand, making them more luxurious than others.

Furthermore, the length of time you stay in the facility affects the cost. The longer you stay, the more money you have to pay. Some addiction cases require intense treatments and care, which are usually costly. They may also mean that the patient needs to spend a longer time in rehab than other patients.

Rehab without Insurance

If you do not have health insurance coverage, a few payment options are available for rehab. Some facilities offer scholarships to qualifying individuals. There are also free centers or low-income options, subsidized by the government or non-profit outfits. Loans are another way to fund rehab treatments, and there are several such loans you can get. Check out this article to see your eligibility for free services.

These rehab centers may not offer all the finer amenities that expensive ones do, but they cover the basics and get you well on the way to full recovery.


Treating addictions of any kind should have the same priority as treating a terminal illness. Even though life choices mostly lead to addiction, the results are no less grave than other diseases. That is why measures are in place to help addicts recover, including financial measures, because the best recovery place is rehab, and rehab centers are not cheap.

Fortunately, insurance companies offer plans for addiction treatment to lessen the financial load on the patients and their loved ones. If that is not an option, consider using a low-income or free facility, or even taking a loan as a payment option.

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