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One of the most wanted movie of the year Pushpa film is out in cinema hall.

Cast: Allu Arjun the lead role along, Rashmika Mandanna, Fahadh Faasil, Sunil, Dhananjay, Ajay ghosh

Movie Title: Pushpa

Director: Sukumar

Music Composed: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Miroslaw Brozek

Screenplay: Sukumar

Language: Telugu

Running Time: 179 Minutes

Release date: 17-December-2021(India)

What is good?

Movies is the great way to entertain of most of the people. Watching movies in leisure time has become a tradition of people. So now most of the people see Pushpa Movies for entertainment with family member. Three hour long movies seen time everybody loosed her mind in film. So everyone can have a great time watching this movie.

What is bad?

Everyone watches movies for entertainment but there are some people in the society who watch movies and want to be like the movie hero here in the society where Allu Arjun has acted that is not good for society.

Movie Review

Pushpa Cinema is start with climax. Pushpa Raj is a porter who smuggles rows of red wood sandalwood, a rarity that grows only in the Sheshachalam hills of Andhra Pradesh. When the DSP tries to find them in the forest, he hides and retrieves the stock.

In our country, red sandal wood is very expensive. Back home a musical instrument made of red sandalwood wood, we Pushpa (Allu Arjun) work as a laborer to pick red sandalwood tree in the pride of an insane king.

Get the responsibility of managing Pushpa Syndicate with a dealer. Then Pushpa got into a fight with the syndicate for money syndicator. The police conducted a search but did not get any Cloe.

All materials save by Pushpa. Pushpa heard that timber was being sold at a much higher price than their salary. He demand for a fair share but syndicator refused. Then there is a quarrel between them. Gradually Pushpa became a big leader. After 6 months, Pushpa became an influential person.

When Pushpa was leader, a ruthless police officer took over as SP. Pushpa offered him a bribe of crores of rupees. The police intimidate and ridicule Pushpa for his family. Seeing that Pushpa got angry due to this insult, the police threatened Pushpa.Please Visit here Moviesflix Verse

On the wedding night,   Pushpa got the Police. At their first meeting, the police expressed contempt for how they had ridiculed Pushpa. Pushpa remind this time of police. Puspa grabbed and take police revolver.

Shot himself in the hand. He undresses the police and he does the same. Nothing but a police uniform. Then left the police half-naked.

Pushpa going to that in her marriage. Police returned to the police station half-naked. Her dog barks at her. The police killed the angry dog. Then he burned all the bribe money given by Puspa.

Lastly Comment

Who doesn’t like movies in this pandemic situation corona environment? Tamil movie Pushpa is very popular and uncommon film. After watching the movie, everyone felt very different. The second part of the movie is coming soon

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