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Our genes were once considered our biological playbook the code that ran our lives, including how our brains functioned. Understanding this code was the goal of the Human Genome Project, completed in 2002, with the hope that by the end, the secrets to curing human disease (including cancer and genetic diseases) would be splayed out in front of us. Though the project was a remarkable scientific achievement, the results were disenchanting

It turns out that what distinguishes one person from the next is actually quite insignificant from a genetic standpoint, accounting for less than 1 percent of total genetic variation. So then why do some people live well into their nineties and beyond, maintaining robust brains and bodies, while others do not? Questions like this have continued to perplex scientists in the wake of the project, and have given rise to the idea that there has to be some other factor, or factors, to account for the wide range of differences in health and aging displayed by the global human population


We haven’t always been able to summon our food with a few swipes on a smartphone. By solving our species’ food scarcity problem during the Agricultural Revolution, we’ve created a new one: overfeeding. For the first time in history, there are more overweight than underweight humans walking the Earth.Please Visit moviestars

5 With our bodies constantly in a fed state, an ancient balance has been lost, one that has set us up for low brain energy, accelerated aging, and decay. Part of this has to do with the fact that many foods today are specifically designed to push our brains to an artificial “bliss point” beyond which self-control becomes futile.Please visit here for information about 2000s Kids Shows

Nutrient Deficiency

In Vanilla Sky (one of my favorite films), writer/director Cameron Crowe wrote, “Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around. This is particularly true of our bodies’ ability to repair against the damages incurred due to aging, but only when we feed them the right ingredients. With 90 percent of Americans now falling short in obtaining adequate amounts of at least one vitamin or mineral, we have set the stage for accelerated aging and decline

Toxic Exposure

Our food supply has become awash in food like products. These products directly contribute to the three factors mentioned above: they are stripped of nutrients during the production process, they promote their own overconsumption, and they drive inflammation.

Most insidious, however, may be the bonus toxic additives the syrups, industrial oils, and emulsifiers that directly and indirectly contribute to an activated immune system, driving anxiety, depression, suboptimal cognitive performance, and long-term risk for disease.Watch online movies here 10starhd

Chronic Stress

Chronic psychological stress is a major problem in the Western world. Like inflammation, the body’s stress response was designed by evolution to keep us safe, but it has been hijacked by the modern world. While chronic stress is directly toxic to our brain function (covered in chapter 9), it also sends us reaching for unhealthy foods, thus compounding the damage done.

Physical Stagnation

Our bodies are designed to move, and ignoring that fact causes our brains to suffer. The evidence on exercise is mounting to an impressive degree, validating it not only as a method of boosting our long-term brain health (enabling us to fend off diseases once thought unpreventable), but as a means of enhancing the way we think and learn

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