Top 5 Traditional Jewellery Collections For a Beautiful Bridal Look!

No matter how busy we are in our lives, every woman has a fantasy about their wedding. We all have that secret Pinterest board with an idea of what our wedding is going to be like. It is different for everyone. Some want a variant of colours to it, some want it red and regal and few want it to be pink and elegant. But whatever it is, the one thing that is the same as wedding jewellery. It doesn’t matter if you want to go with a bridal saree or bridal lehenga you are sure to choose an exclusive bridal jewellery set. 

When the wedding is there, tradition ought to follow. When you project your culture in your wedding, it adds a more regal touch to it. It’s exquisite and classic. 

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To simplify your bridal jewellery shopping a little bit and give you a more clear idea of what you want for your wedding, here are a few top traditional jewellery collections to steal your heart!

  1. Temple jewellery:  the winner of traditions is temple jewellery. Motif works in intricate swans, lotus, idols and flowers. It promises good luck and prosperity. Temple jewellery is right for its name because earlier it was used to present to idols by royal families. Passed down from dance jewellery to wedding jewellery. Designed in matte chunky gold, it gives a polished-off look and is exquisite. 
  2. Gold jewellery: every house has something in shiny gold that is being passed down from one woman to another. Gold is traditional and ethnic. A bridal choker set in gold with intrinsic motif works makes you look winsome and gorgeous. It adds a sheer elegance that shines through your outfit which perhaps no other jewellery can. 
  3. Kundan jewellery: always present among the Rajputs, passing down from artefact works of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan jewellery has not lost its shine! Uncut glasswork embezzled in gold metal. Customising it with other precious and semi-precious jewels gives it more extra shine.  The best thing about Kundan jewellery is its reflection. Not only does it accentuates the whole bridal look but delivers beautiful wedding pictures.
  4. Jadau jewellery- if you ever have been to a Rajput wedding, you have seen the magical jewellery pieces of jadau.  Gold is turned into a frame and then embedded with diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Crafted in the courts of Rajasthan and very famous among the Mughals. Giving you a very regal look, nothing can replace it in its uniqueness. To look elegant yet gorgeous, you need to add jadau to your jewellery set for the wedding.
  5. Pearl jewellery- always underrated, yet has a rich offering is the evermore pearl. You look like a snow-white princess. White does that, the colour itself, carries a sheer elegance that perhaps nobody can match. Having the power to be minimal and subtle as you want to have a chic,  contemporary look. Make sure you add at least one pearl element to your bridal necklace set.

When you finally have chosen your wedding jewellery, the first step is complete. Moving to the second step is scary. The cost, the investment, the heavy load in the pocket. You might have thought about compromising on your bridal jewellery set. But why? We live in a world where everything is possible. Why not go for the alternate options that are there and you don’t even have to compromise for that? 

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