Travel essentials in the time of COVID

With the outbreak of Covid’19, traveling around the world has taken a different dynamic. However, now with vaccines and boosters the serious condition like before is over and people have started traveling again. But taking precautions every time while traveling is still essential. In this Covid time, just putting keys, phones and wallet in your bag is not enough. If you are already vaccinated and planning to travel then following are the travel essentials that you need to pack:

  1. Breathable Face Mask:

Starting off with the basic need of this time is the light and breathable face mask. It is essential every time you step out of the house and has kind of become part of the cover their mouth everyone should wear a mask over their nose. It’s best if you keep extra masks in your bag as many people tend to lose it very easily. In that case extra masks in the bag will definitely come helpful.

  1. Sanitizer:

Sanitizing hands frequently while traveling in order for self protection from viruses is a must. A travel sized hand sanitizer comes handy to carry in the bag and use it whenever needed. While traveling you can’t run to wash your hands every time. So, to avoid such situations it is best that you use a good sanitizer that you can shop from prontodirect as they are just a click away to provide you with your travel essential sanitizer. As hand sanitizers have become a travel essential even if you’re just heading out for a grocery run.

  1. Antigen Rapid Test (ART):

A fast and reliable way to test corona is by Antigen Rapid Test. It is one of the most useful things that you should not miss out on. Depending on the country you are traveling to, an Antigen rapid test is what you might require at the airport for arrival and departure in any country. Make sure to bring enough for all tests you might need to do for arrival and pre-departure.

  1. Disinfectant wipes: 

While traveling you might not know how many people have used the seat that you are sitting on. For the things that you touch it would be better to use a wipe to disinfect the surface on it. For disinfecting  other travel essentials from wallets, passports, to bags and glasses a pack of wipes is what comes handy. The smaller packs are great to carry on planes to clean the seats and tray tables. These larger packs are great for sanitizing hotel rooms, bathrooms, toilet seats, handles, remote controls, etc. Great scent and sturdy packaging.

  1. Medicine Bag & Thermometer

Since nothing can be predicted, it is always preferable to take precautions. We advise you to prepare your medications and immune boosters in advance. These medications will undoubtedly be useful, particularly if you get sick while traveling to a place where the language is not your own. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your temperature throughout this time, and a travel thermometer will help you do that.

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