What Does an Hourglass Tattoo Mean?

An hourglass, as most people know, is a device that measures time. It is the oldest known such device in human history. Although its origin is unknown, it is believed that the first hourglasses were created in Babylon and Egypt in the 16th century BCE. It is believed that the hourglass was popularized in the ‘accessible’ world, particularly England, from that point.

Hourglass Meaning and Symbolism

We’ve been fascinated by the idea of time passing throughout history and ever since the invention of the hourglass. The perfect metaphor for human existence and the fact that time is short was the passing of the sand or powder from one bulb to another.

Hourglass Tattoo Design Ideas

We’re here to discuss cool tattoo designs, so we’ll share some of our favorite hourglass designs that you should check out.

Zodiac Hourglass Tattoo

Some people love to combine multiple motifs or symbolisms into one tattoo. In this instance, the symbolism and signs of the Zodiac are placed in two hourglasses and matched with a matching tattoo. This is a very creative tattoo design that many people can relate to and adapt into their own tattoo designs. This tattoo design is beautiful and has a lot of meaning. We believe it’s one of the most inspiring tattoo designs that anyone can use to inspire them and make their own.Some people have difficulties regarding their tattoos, for example, people who have done eyebrow tattoos very often want to go through eyebrow tattoo removal, so make sure to wisely consider your tattoos.

Skull and Hourglass tattoo

Hourglass imagery is not complete without mentioning the idea of passing time and death. Artists have always combined hourglass imagery with an image of a skull (human or animal) to indicate that death is more likely as time passes.

It is a realistic view of life, as dark and pessimistic as this may sound. It serves a purpose for philosophical thought. 

Simple Hourglass Tattoo

Some of our readers are looking for a simple hourglass-shaped design that doesn’t try too hard to be anything more than it is. This is the closest we can get to an hourglass interpretation. Time passing and mortality are precisely that, nothing more or less.

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