What is Warehouse Racking? Why and How to Install It

Streamlined and efficient, warehouse racking systems are the best way to store your merchandise for easy access and quick picking. If you are thinking of investing in a warehouse racking system, there are plenty of considerations to bear in mind when making your choice. Here’s our guide to warehouse racking systems, why you need one and what you’ll want to focus on when making your choice.

What is a Warehouse Racking System?

A warehouse racking system, also known as pallet racking, is a highly effective mass storage solution. Typically designed for storing non-perishable products on pallets, they allow you to store up to five to seven stacks high for more efficient use of space, optimising your warehouse’s capacity while streamlining the picking process. 

Warehouse racking system types include selective racks which require aisle access and narrow forklifts, high-density drive-in and drive-through storage racks, push back racking systems, spanning three to five pallets deep, as well as flow racks where your goods are loaded at one end and “flow” down to the collection end.

What are the Advantages of Installing Warehouse Racking Systems?

There are numerous advantages to installing a warehouse racking system, if you are wondering whether it’s worth making the upgrade, consider the following benefits.

Save/Gain Space

One of the main advantages of warehouse racking systems is the amount of space that you could gain. For a small footprint, thanks to their height, you can make full use of your entire warehouse space in metres cubed. By making greater use of your vertical space with a warehouse racking system, you will be able to store your products more densely whilst also stocking a greater capacity. 

Easy to Add To

Thanks to their modular design, adding new sections of shelving is very easy. You can add on new storage to suit your company’s needs bit by bit. This allows you to start small, at a low price, then to add to your shelving as your needs dictate. Some warehouse racking systems are also easy to relocate, meaning you can replan your entire warehouse layout for maximum flexibility and changing business needs and regulations. 


Your warehouse racking system can be customised to suit your company’s changing needs. Once you have your framework set up, you can change your shelving types and heights to better suit any new products. 

Less Breakage

Thanks to thor design and heavy-duty construction, your merchandise will be less likely to become damaged. Plus, a durable, high-quality warehouse racking system is much less susceptible to damage from accidental forklift impacts.

Improved Organisation

A warehouse racking system will make it much easier to organise your products. This in turn will make it quicker and easier to complete product inventories and stock checks, as well as improving productivity. As finding, picking and replenishing products is much easier, you will save time with improved worker productivity rates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Warehouse Racking System

When choosing your new warehouse racking system for your business, you’ll want to consider the following factors to ensure that you get the best pallet racking system that meets all of your needs. 

AS 4084 – 2012 Compliant

Your warehouse racking system should have been independently tested to confirm that it is compliant with Australian Standard 4084 2012. This ensures that your stainless steel racking has been engineered to high quality standards for greater durability, as well as ensuring a safer, more secure workplace.


Is your warehouse racking system compatible with your available space? Most systems are modular allowing you to adapt your system to fit your warehouse. Carefully check your warehouse dimensions, planning for aisles and space to manoeuvre. You should also think about the depth that you will require as well as the height and width of each bay. 

Racking Layout & Design

Your warehouse racking system will need to be compatible with the size and shape of the products that you will be storing. You will also need to ensure that its design and layout is compatible with your current equipment, including forklifts, as well as allowing for adequate space for replenishment, picking and emergency access. 

Weight Capacity

It is essential that you choose a warehouse racking system with adequate weight capacity for your products. If you are approaching the load limit for one type of system, you may wish to futureproof your shelving by considering the likelihood of you expanding your product range in the future. This may mean paying out more for a higher-rated capacity system today, however, you shouldn’t have to upgrade it in the near future. 

Your warehouse racking system will have two specific weight capacities: a maximum unit load and a total rated capacity per bay. The maximum unit load refers to up to how much a pallet of your products can weigh, while the bay capacity refers to the total stored in each bay.

These two figures must be respected and never exceeded. Doing so could damage, leading to instability or even collapse. This could prove fatal to your employees. Always make sure that the maximum loads are prominently displayed and respected.Plz visit here for information about retrovision


A high-quality warehouse racking system will undoubtedly cost more than a more cheaply made one. However, in terms of durability, going with a better quality model can save you money in the long term. Heavy-duty models made with deep, tightly pressed beams are also more likely to withstand overloading due to user error, helping to ensure that your company provides a safer working environment. 


Choosing the right warehouse racking system can be a complicated, expensive affair. If you choose to go with an off the shelf system, make sure that you take a look at some of the options available at Wholesale Superstore, Australia’s preferred pallet racking supplier. With an extensive range of pallet racking beams, frames and accessories, whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the right warehouse racking system solution at an affordable price in our online store. Our expert team is also on hand to provide you with warehouse racking system advice, so get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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