Analyzing OPMS Kratom and Other Kava Products:

Do you make use of Kratom and the extracts that are derived from it? Are you concerned about purchasing a product that is authentic? There are a number of online retailers from which you can purchase this item. However, only a select few of those stores sell authentic OPMS, which  are sold at My Kratom Club. There are so many different industries selling low-quality Kratom products that can have a negative impact on one’s health. Because of this, one must exercise extreme caution.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll review a reputable Kratom retailer. Authentic OPMS sold at My Kratom Club is a good location to get Kratom online. We are going to look at OPMS Kratom products, as well as the prices of the silver, gold, and liquid Maeng Da that they offer, the laboratory testing procedure that they use, and the OPMS coupons that are made available to customers.

OPMS, Kratom, Kava Products:

Since the beginning of the industry in 2010, Optimized Plant Medicated Solution has been recognized for exerting a significant amount of influence in the Kratom and Kava extraction sectors. The utilization of cold process extraction is one of the distinguishing characteristics of their product. The products sold by OPMS are entirely unaltered from their natural state.

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They use a completely natural method of extraction in order to protect the delicate constituents and alkaloids of their product throughout the extraction process. As a result, their product is both distinctive and highly effective as a result of this method.

Neither lost nor bulk sales of OPMS’s Kratom products are offered on the company’s website. They do not sell anything that is not pre-packaged. Most of the time, certain vendors will offer loose Gold OPMS Kratom capsules that have the brand’s original logo printed on them. These are not the original products; rather, they are chemicals used for research purposes.

Optimized Plant Medicated Solution

One of the most popular products offered by Optimized Plant Medicated Solution, OPMS Gold variants 2 counts, 3 counts, and 5 counts, has been taken off the market for purchase in bags. They have now updated the packaging that is provided to vendors. Therefore, anyone who is still selling their products in bags is undoubtedly engaged in the sale of research chemicals.Click here for more Wet Wipes

As a result of the widespread success of OPMS Kratom products, a great number of businesses are now marketing their own wares under the brand name of the company. They continue to manufacture a counterfeit product, adding components such as research chemicals that have the potential to have a negative impact on consumers. OPMS products have a number of key identifiers that can be used to differentiate between the authentic and counterfeit versions of the product.

Certain components of their products are given distinguishing designs that are added. The liquid, for instance, has a one-of-a-kind hourglass silhouette, which distinguishes it from previous designs and merchandise that have been counterfeited and sold on the market.

The OPMS Gold Kratom capsules each have the three-leaf logo, a lot number, and serial numbers that are printed on the front of the bag. Additionally, each capsule has a lot of numbers.

The letters OPMS are printed in a legible manner on the top seal of the silver pack. The logo is also legibly printed on the bag, and the contents of the packaging are spotless, which is a key characteristic that differentiates a fake from an authentic product.

Their products are available in the following varieties:

  • GOLD OPMS Kratom
  • SILVER OPMS Kratom
  • Kratom LIQUID OPMS

These are their main products; let us take a closer look at them.

1) OPMS Kratom GOLD

Because of the high demand for them, they are the products that are most commonly replicated in the market. Identifying genuine OPMS products on the market can be done in a few different ways, and here are a few of them. The OPMS Kratom Gold capsules represent the highest quality available in the Kratom product line.

The extraction method that OPMS uses for their Kratom Gold is unlike any other method that is used in the production of Kratom. Since April of 2014, they are only sold in packages containing 2 counts, 3 counts, and 5 counts, respectively. They are sold in a brand-new OPMS Gold blister package, and it is safe to refer to them as authentic so long as they remain in this bag.


This is the brand that has the highest number of purchasers in the United States. It is also the Kratom product that has been around the longest and has the longest history of sales. OPMS produces the industry’s finest silver crushed leaf Kratom product, which can be found on the market.

Additionally, this is the only company that tests each batch for its alkaloid content. As a result, the alkaloid level is kept constant from one batch to the next, which ensures that the product’s quality is maintained. Their standards are unparalleled, particularly in light of the fact that the majority of competitors in the market lack measurement criteria.

Before it goes on sale, OPMS Kratom silver goes through inspections to make sure it is free of any foreign objects. They are then pulverized into a fine powder to create a larger surface area, which in turn makes it possible to pack more powder into capsules. The silver OPMS can be purchased in the following blends:

Special Reserve for Thai and Malay Languages at Maeng Da:

This is the Kratom product that is in the highest demand. It comes in a bottle that is 8 mL in capacity, and each display box has 45 bottles. The OPMS Liquid Kratom is produced using the same high-pressure and cold-water extraction method that is utilized for the production of all other OPMS products.

Any and all authintic OPMS available at My Kratom Club are not available for purchase by anyone under the age of 18. They can also not be held liable for any damage caused by improper use of the product. To get the most out of this product, it is imperative that you follow both the in-product instructions as well as any local instructions that may be present.

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