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E-Sports Jun88 is a section designed specifically for fans of electronic game genres. Here, players will be able to participate in many unique bets, far different from regular sports bets. Next, let’s learn in detail about the system of this interesting entertainment hall at Jun88.
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Introducing the Jun88 E-Sports lobby

Currently, in the entertainment market, e-sports is being exploited with a lot of potential. Coming to Jun88 E-Sports lobby, in addition to participating in betting, players can also enjoy many other attractive utility services.

The entertainment system here is set up based on many famous e-sports games, typically LOL, Dota, PUBG, CSGO,… Each name comes with a series of countless attractive tournaments held. with an international scale. 

The betting system is available at E-Sports Jun88

To better understand and know how to participate in entertainment at this playground, below E-Sports Jun88 will introduce to you some typical types of bets.

Bet on the champion team

Betting on the championship team is quite similar to European betting, meaning you will have to predict which team will win the cup of that tournament. To make accurate predictions with this form, players need to follow all the matches of the two teams participating in the finals during the season.

Handicap betting in E-Sports Jun88

If anyone has ever participated in sports betting, they will certainly not be too unfamiliar with this type of handicap. Accordingly, depending on the difference in strength between the two teams, the house will give you a suitable rate. The upper handicap team will handicap the lower handicap team and the player’s task is to choose the rate that suits their finances to participate.

First victory bet

This is a stepping stone that marks the beginning of a match, so it is of interest to many players. Winning the first victory or first kill will not depend on which team is stronger. It all depends largely on the luck and skill of the player, so this type of bet is enjoyed by many players.

Tower bet at E-Sports Jun88

This type of bet only appears with typical team games such as LOL and Dota 2. In this game, both sides will have defensive towers and need to destroy the opponent’s to win. Players participating will bet on which team will destroy the most towers in that game.

Regulations when participating in E-Sports Jun88

When betting at bookmaker Jun88’s e-sports lobby, players also need to comply with the following regulations:

  • The scope of matches at the Jun88 E-Sports system will include games such as LOL, King of Glory, DOTA2, CSGO, PUBG, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Hearthstone,…
  • If a match takes place, there are many forms of betting that will be offered for players to choose from. Depending on the type, the betting time limit will be completed before the match or valid until the match ends.
  • In case the match is delayed or lasts more than 12 hours from the start, the money you bet on will be canceled and returned to your account. This also applies if either team quits or wins without starting the match.
  • If any fraudulent behavior takes place at Jun88, the house will verify and handle it in many different forms depending on the severity.

With sharing from Jun88 news, it can be said that the E-Sports lobby Jun88 is a very worthy destination for players to choose to bet on. This place has a variety of bets and many interesting amenities creating an extremely impressive entertainment space. If you want to try this new genre, learn more and start by creating an Jun88 account. Good luck!

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