Causes Effects and Solutions to Environmental Pollution

The causes of pollution are man-made. Pollution affects our environment on a global level and can have devastating effects on humans and animals. Water pollution comes in many forms. Some types are natural and others result from the dumping of trash in the environment. Chemicals and garbage from industrial facilities can cause pollution in water bodies, affecting the entire food chain. Other forms of pollution come from the human activity of burning fossil fuels. However, the most obvious causes of pollution are man-made.All Movies HD Download free from here EPS Coin

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Pollution from industries has been increasing since the industrial revolution. Industry began using coal to make machines run faster and replaced human force. Industrial pollution primarily affects air quality but can also cause water and soil contamination. Dams and nuclear reactors are also a major source of pollution. These methods require large amounts of fossil fuels and degrade the environment. It’s not always possible to stop all pollution, but there are several causes that make the world’s ecosystems unhealthy.more movies here movierulz4

Among the most common causes of air pollution are household cleaning products, painting supplies, and coal burning. Burning of fossil fuels releases a large amount of particulate matter that is common in air. Mining is another source of pollution. This activity emits toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, resulting in unhealthy conditions for both miners and the surrounding population. Some of the effects of air pollution are coughing, watering eyes, and trouble breathing.More information here KuttyWap

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